Hi Folks,

We are getting close to being able to ask for graduation. Based on the

We've meet many of the goals:
- the community is growing
- cut official releases, soon to be another one
- good communication on user/dev mailing lists and irc channel.
- more diversity in committers, hopefully over next month or so we can
bring one or two more.

Our current active committers are:
Andy kurth - NCSU
Josh Thompson - NCSU
David Hutchins -  Not-NCSU
Aaron Coburn - Not-NCSU
myself(Aaron Peeler) - NCSU

Part of our challenge in not graduating yet has been the diversity
among our committers. It is/was heavily weighted with NCSU only
committers. In order to move quicker to graduation, it would be great
to attract one more committer. Which means being active on the list
and submitting code for review. Other areas to be a committer can be
with the web site or documentation, in case you are not comfortable
with writing code.

Mentors, Can you advise on other areas or issues that your think we
need to address before we apply for graduation?

Best Regards,

Aaron Peeler
Program Manager
Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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