> Riny Qian wrote:
> > Though, I'm inclined to give all console users permission to access
> > these devices via ACL, which is a simple and effective solution.
> NO this is a security hole worse than what already exists today which
> is device stealing (stealing the microphone is a problem, stealing the
> audio out will probably cause the current output to stop).

I fully agree with the security point. 
But :-)

In my case I have (in Linux) one X server for me and one for my wife. Switching 
between users take about a second, a *huge* difference compared to logout-login.

Now, it would be very, very nice if I could somehow configure this so that we 
both can surf the web and see the latest "videos" with sound (I have a script 
doing chmod etc in Linux - PITA). The security issue is obviously moot (for me).

I do understand "my case" (the way mr. Qian suggested) cannot be made default, 
but I hope it could be configured somehow to work that way.
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