Darren J Moffat wrote:

>>So it seems that our ACL proposal for other console devices in
>>/etc/logindevperm is fine, and it does not introduce any regression.
> What your proposal does is allow multiple people access
> to the device at the same time.  That isn't possible today.
> I believe that makes it worse because now you have the
> potential for them both to be trying to use the device
> at the same time.

I think that allocate(1) is mostly used in TX to manage audio like
devices, where /dev/audio is commented out in /etc/logindevperm. On
normal systems without TX, allocate(1) is not used, instead,
logindevperm(4) is used to manage all console devices. So IMO, it seems
no problem for our proposal, though I agree that makes somewhat worse.

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