Hi, Jouko,

You have brought up a very good point with a practical case. There will 
be a switch
to turn off the security check when switch to different session, though 
I am afraid
that it will not be the default setting. It's always a hard decision to 
make between
usability and security. In this case, we prefer security so that system 
and user
information will not be compromised by accident. Still the switch will 
be very easy.


> I fully agree with the security point. 
> But :-)
> In my case I have (in Linux) one X server for me and one for my wife. 
> Switching between users take about a second, a *huge* difference compared to 
> logout-login.
> Now, it would be very, very nice if I could somehow configure this so that we 
> both can surf the web and see the latest "videos" with sound (I have a script 
> doing chmod etc in Linux - PITA). The security issue is obviously moot (for 
> me).
> I do understand "my case" (the way mr. Qian suggested) cannot be made 
> default, but I hope it could be configured somehow to work that way.
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