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> Neal Pollack wrote:
>> - If so, where is a simple "step by step" guide for turning it on.
> http://mail.opensolaris.org/pipermail/opensolaris-announce/2009-August/001249.html
> (The same message was sent as an ON heads up as well, but the archives of 
> those
> ?are currently non-functional, but those are less useful anyway, since they go
> ?to the much smaller audience of just ON developers instead of the broader 
> user
> ?base.)
>> - Why is it not on-by-default?
> Good question - I wonder if it should be on by default before 2010.03.

I vote for it being enabled by default.

I'd like to see it taken a little further by making it easy to have
multiple X sessions on the various vconsoles so that (e.g.) a
multi-user household can have multiple people's sessions active at the
same time and allow fast desktop switching.  That is, the first
console is a text console, the remaining have xdm or gdm running.

Mike Gerdts

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