On 12/21/09 12:41 PM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Neal Pollack wrote:
>> - If so, where is a simple "step by step" guide for turning it on.
> http://mail.opensolaris.org/pipermail/opensolaris-announce/2009-August/001249.html
> (The same message was sent as an ON heads up as well, but the archives of 
> those
>  are currently non-functional, but those are less useful anyway, since they go
>  to the much smaller audience of just ON developers instead of the broader 
> user
>  base.)

But again, that above email was transient, and the larger user base
may visit the project pages or man page at different times, when
that email is no longer remembered or available.

i.e.,  why is that very useful email guide not present on the project's
    opensolaris.org project web page?  There was nothing remotely
    useful there, and this email (simply copied onto the webpage) would
    have been fully helpful.



>> - Why is it not on-by-default?
> Good question - I wonder if it should be on by default before 2010.03.

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