martin f krafft wrote:
> Canonical wants to make package maintenance uniform. The pragmatic
> approach for them — since vcs-pkg isn't there yet — is to import
> everything in Bazaar. I think we managed to agree that cross-VCS
> support (which is n-factorial) isn't feasible, and so the import
> would have to have an export associated with it. Concretely, rather
> than them importing my mdadm (in Git) repo and expecting me to
> access their Bazaar repo to extract patches, it would make sense for
> Canonical to export commits into a Git repo of their own (presumably
> the one they mirrored from), which is the one I will then use.

Well, format-patch-style patches attached to bug reports would also
allow you to access the changes, so I'm not sure that providing a
git repo is the only way to do it.

> Jelmer's bzr-git adapter could greatly facilitate this.

That's true nevertheless.



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