W dniu 04.03.2013 17:20, Renzo Davoli pisze:
> I am sorry for the delay.

Hi Renzo!

> There are two problems in your configuration.
> First: kvm's or qemu's vlan command line definition has nothing to do with
> ethernet vlans.
> I complained several times with qemu developers about this misleading 
> definition.

I was expecting qemu/kvm add vlans tags to frames. I was wrong:)

>> Now I'm startin qemu-kvm OS:
>> ...  -net nic,model=virtio,vectors=4,vlan=4,macaddr=52:54:1C:10:12:24
>> -net vde,vlan=4,port=24 ...
>> Now I would like to have port 1 and 24 only as tagged VLAN 4, so I'm doing:
>> vlan/addport 4 1
>> vlan/addport 4 24
>> I'm getting:
>> vde[/var/run/vde.ctl/vde.mgmt]: vlan/allprint
>> VLAN 0000
>>  -- Port 0001 tagged=0 active=1 status=Forwarding
>>  -- Port 0024 tagged=0 active=1 status=Forwarding
>> VLAN 0004
>>  -- Port 0001 tagged=1 active=1 status=Forwarding
>>  -- Port 0024 tagged=1 active=1 status=Forwarding
>> Success
>> How to remove ports 1 and 24 from VLAN 0? I'm trying to do this in such way:
>> vde[/var/run/vde.ctl/vde.mgmt]: vlan/delport 0 1
>> Address already in use
>> vde[/var/run/vde.ctl/vde.mgmt]: vlan/delport 0 24
> The switch does not delete ports 1 and 24 from vlan0 because port 1 and 24 
> are already using vlan 0 for their 
> untagged traffic.
> If you want to define tagged only ports use the following command:
> /port/setvlan 1 4095
> /port/setvlan 24 4095
> Vlan 4095 does not exist, it is used to say that no untagged traffic should 
> pass
> through the port.

Great! It works but it wasn't obvious for me. Is it good idea to add
this information to yours wiki?

> I hope these explanations are not arriving too late....
No, they didn't arrive too late.

I have worse news. I have more questions!:) If you don't mind I'd like
to ask you about such corner case. Let imagine vde_switch process crash,
next I start vde_switch again. Is it possible to readd VM to port
without restarting qemu? After some reading it looks I have to use
vde_plug2tap to do it. Am I right?
I'd like to also ask about network speed. I did test between two VMs
(both are using virtio driver for network adaper) using iperf. I got
~890Mb/s (ping shows latency ~0.4-0.5ms), are such values acceptable for
Thanks again!

Wiki and program help displays:
vlan/addport       N PORT          add port to the vlan N (tagged)
vlan/delport       N PORT          add port to the vlan N (tagged)
shouldn't it be like:
vlan/addport       N PORT          add port to the vlan N (tagged)
vlan/delport       N PORT          delete port from the vlan N (tagged)

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