On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 6:35 PM, Renzo Davoli <re...@cs.unibo.it> wrote:
> I have tried:
> $ vde_switch -s /var/run/vde2//vde.virswitch0 --mgmt 
> /var/run/vde2//vde.virswitch0.sock --mgmtmode 660 -p 
> /var/run/vde2//vde.virswitch0.pid
> vde$ port/create 24
> 1000 Success
> vde$ port/setvlan 24 4095
> 1000 Success
> both using trunk code and rd235 experimental and I have not got any sigsegv.
> If I am not able to replicate the bug here it is hard for me to catch the 
> bug...
> can you give me some more info about your configuration?
>         renzo davoli

And have you actually attached QEMU to this port? Because SIGSEGV
happens after you attach QEMU to such port.

``-netdev vde,id=hostnet0,sock=/var/run/vde2/vde.virswitch0,port=24''

Please, tell me what information would be useful to you. I'd say I
have pretty generic setup here.


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