On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 8:10 PM, Daniele Lacamera <r...@danielinux.net> wrote:
> The situation might have differed if you would have been able to fill in a
> bug with a specific description, including the exact way to reproduce this
> (system you are running, full qemu command line, ...).

I'll do it later. There is no problem doing such thing, but given the
inactivity on mailing list and the fact vde-switch didn't have release
for 2 years, it seemed like a waste of time. And yes, I'm aware of SVN
activity, but that doesn't mean anything.

> I am sorry we could not help, but I disagree on that definition of VDE as
> "yet-another-dead-project".
> In my personal opinion you failed to check about
> it before writing.

I didn't mean to offend and as I hinted above, I haven't failed to
check. I did. But right now, I can't sit down and study how vde-switch
code works etc. nor another project to "baby-sit" :)

> I am very glad that you have found a valid alternative
> for your goal; I wish you that it will "cut it".

If by alternative you mean killing an ant with Ion Cannon, then yes,
yes I did. :D

Thanks and hopefully later,

> Kindest regards,
> --
> Daniele

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