>> The switch does not delete ports 1 and 24 from vlan0 because port 1 and 24 
>> are already using vlan 0 for their
>> untagged traffic.
>> If you want to define tagged only ports use the following command:
>> /port/setvlan 1 4095
>> /port/setvlan 24 4095
>> Vlan 4095 does not exist, it is used to say that no untagged traffic should 
>> pass
>> through the port.

> Great! It works but it wasn't obvious for me. Is it good idea to add
> this information to yours wiki?

>> I hope these explanations are not arriving too late....
> No, they didn't arrive too late.

> I have worse news. I have more questions!:) If you don't mind I'd like
> to ask you about such corner case. Let imagine vde_switch process crash,
> next I start vde_switch again. Is it possible to readd VM to port
> without restarting qemu? After some reading it looks I have to use
> vde_plug2tap to do it. Am I right?


first of all, thank you both, renzon and Marcin, for this information.

Sadly, my VDE2-2.3.2 crashes after QEMU taps to port with (untagged)
VLAN 4095, resp. 'port/setvlan 24 4095'.

I'm also wondering how to re-attach QEMU processes to VDE2 switch
after its crash. I haven't seen any follow up reply to original
thread. I don't believe vde_plug2tap is proper way how to do it if VM
is using ``qemu -netdev


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