I upgraded to 1.4.1-4, which seems to include the patch from Anssi (http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2006-August/010360.html )

I am not happy with this patch: My machine has a FF-card and Budget-Card+CAM. There was no timer for any encrypted channel programmed. All active timers were set for ARD. I had absolutely no plans to watch Premiere, I was not even at home :-) But all recordings were done with the FF card. vdr started with the ARD channel, and the well known performance problem of FF cards resulted in bad recordings (buffer usage ... /clearing).

You see, I want the the opposite than the original poster asked for. For me it is more important to get good recordings than to be able to switch to an encrypted channel why recording another one. So I want vdr to always use the Budget card for recordings.Can this be done in any way without patching vdr? Is there any solution I don`t see? (Of course I don´t want to hardcode every channel in channels.conf to the Budget card. I still want to be able to make two FTA-recordings on different frequencies.)

I think the best solution would be to make this configurable in DVB settings or in timer menu so that the user can select the DVB card he wants to use for the recording.

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