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Would it really matter in this case when cpu load was that small? I was just trying to say that even though there were almost no cpu load vdr was working sluggish.

Without trying it, it is hard to say.  You may be right, the load is so
small that the sluggishness can result from some mutex waits or
something else that wouldn't stand out in a profiler that measures CPU

In any case, you could profile the old and new version of vdr and see if
there is any obvious difference.

I'll have to take that into consideration. I'll have to download the old version and all that :)


I'll have to agree with this performance drop. I have very slow machine
(P1 166 and 64 megs ram), it has fujitsu-siemens FF dvb-c card. I used
1.3.19 for very long time and it worked perfectly. Some time ago I decided
to upgrade to 1.4.4, wrong decision. Now I cannot watch dvd while vdr is
recording tow recordings at the same time. No problem here with earlier

Also this newer version does some weird busylooping or whatever from time to time. Vdr gets all remote codes and buffers them, but just starts executing them after ~45s. One time it took so long, that I got ssh opened from other computer to restart vdr, but vdr had recovered.

And third problem which have gone worse is weird black output I get. Vdr is up and running, osd is shown, but no live video. Changing channels are very slow (ie. vdr shows the info screen very long). Restarting vdr corrects this (propably reloading the drivers is the actual "fix"). This has happened with 1.3.19 about once a week. Now with 1.4.4 I had to restart vdr everyday. That's not so nice.

Sometimes vdr finds the live video, after pressing 'ok' or something else.
Is there any cure for this? (Other than making script to send some channel
number every hour, unless theres user activity...)

I haven't tried to do _many_ recordings at same time with vdr-1.4.4, with
1.3.19 I tried, and I could record 4 channels at the same time and watch a
recording. Watching 5th channel live was a bit jerky, but hey, it's a very
low end machine...

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