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On Saturday 03 February 2007 10:13, Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
Marko Myllymaa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Also this newer version does some weird busylooping or whatever
from time to time. Vdr gets all remote codes and buffers them,
but just starts executing them after ~45s. One time it took so
long, that I got ssh opened from other computer to restart vdr,
but vdr had recovered.
i can confirm this. i get the same delays in key processing very
frequently. i use also a low end machine - PII 233 MHz.
What type of remote receiver are you using? I've had delays with some
remotes but not others:

home brewed ir receiver on serial port using lirc. the same as you say
worked best for you. i'm sure the problem is not on the IR side but on
vdr, as that setup was not changed between vdr upgrades.
I have home brewed also and I either do not think IR side is the problem. The delays became the longer the more recordings are on simultaneously. I just tested just to be sure that after second recording the playback of another recording starts to snap crackle and pop both sound and picture. Very small but noticeable. After third recording responces to remote are either very sluggish or in some remote actions nothing happens. And as I said earlier this behaviour is similar in PIII 550 and AMD 3000+.

And actually I think what ever is causing this may also be the reason for the AV sync problem I reported in another thread. I mean after the third recording AV sync is about all the time out of sync or atleast its no fun to watch. I'll report about this in the related thread.


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