On Saturday 03 February 2007 10:13, Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> Marko Myllymaa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Also this newer version does some weird busylooping or whatever from
> > time to time. Vdr gets all remote codes and buffers them, but just
> > starts executing them after ~45s. One time it took so long, that I
> > got ssh opened from other computer to restart vdr, but vdr had
> > recovered.
> i can confirm this. i get the same delays in key processing very
> frequently. i use also a low end machine - PII 233 MHz.

What type of remote receiver are you using? I've had delays with some remotes 
but not others:

1. USB2 Nova-T receiver with the remote plugin: works most of the time but 
goes through phases where it seems to be ignoring keypresses so I press the 
button again (several times!) and then a few seconds later it "catches up" 
and I end up in a different menu, etc. to what I wanted! Works OK but can be 
very annoying! Also gives the wrong codes, i.e. keys, sometimes which can be 

2. PCI Nova-T receiver through lirc: works much better than the USB receiver 
but does feel as if there is a lag between pressing keys and things 
happening. Does sometimes do the buffering thing mentioned above but nowhere 
near as bad.

3. Home-made simple lirc receiver on a serial port through lirc: much more 
responsive than the two "proper" remote receivers! I would recommend this to 
anyone who can build the simple receiver. Finally got round to building 
another one for my main vdr system and it is so so much better now (was using 
the USB receiver previously).

I never worked out where the delays occurred, i.e. whether it was down to the 
DVB drivers or vdr itself. Seeing as the lirc receiver works fine, I'd be 
suspicious of the driver.

The above observations are on a 1.2 GHz Via Epia system, so not that powerful 
all things considered.



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