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On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 01:08:33PM +0200, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> BTW, I'm very used to VDR's current behaviour to shutdown itself
> after the recording is made and don't want to get rid of that one
> either.

As far as I understand, nobody has suggested that we should get rid of
feature.  You could compare this to an analog VCR.  I would believe that
they refuse to power off when there is a timed recording going on.

Yes, exactly.

In my opinion, the behavior should be that the power button engages an
immediate shutdown.  Period.  The ONLY exception to this would be if vdr is
currently recording something, in which case a warning comes up and asks you
to confirm the shutdown.  Very simple, very straight forward, and is
consistent with every other vdr, dvd, pvr, etc. that I've ever seen.

Also, the user "inactivity" stuff is again, a bad idea.  Vdr should not
assume anything or take action just because the user hasn't interacted with
it in a while.  This type of behavior is simply not consistent with other
devices and not a behavior the user would expect.  My tv will not turn
itself off based on my 'inactivity'.

I stress again, this issue doesn't need to be unnecessarily complicated.
These types of devices, in their basic function, have existed for years.
There is no new ground being broken here and no good reason to move away
from the commonly expected behavior.

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