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I don't want to add yet another config option, either we let the power
button work directly while playback, or we ask for confirmation on
playback. Whatever the majority wants.

Recording is one thing but I've never seen a VCR, DVD player, DVR, etc. that
asks you to confirm if you hit the power button during playback.  People
don't usually hit a power button on accident, they hit it expecting that the
device shut off.  If I hit the power button on my dvd player while I'm
watching a movie, I don't have to confirm anything.  I hit the button and go
on my way without waiting around to see what happens.  This is by far the
most common behavior of any device with a power button.  I'm honestly
surprised forcing conditions on the power button is even a consideration!
The idea was bad from the start (sorry Rolf Ahrenberg).
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