Also, the user "inactivity" stuff is again, a bad idea. Vdr should not
assume anything or take action just because the user hasn't interacted
with it in a while. This type of behavior is simply not consistent with
other devices and not a behavior the user would expect. My tv will
not turn itself off based on my 'inactivity'.

Maybe if you got a newer/better TV you would have this feature.
My TV turns itself off after some inactivity time. So does my coffee-machine.

I have many times accidentily switched of the VDR when someone else has
set a timer and thus missed the recording.

To me the logical way to do this would be:

- if no recording going on and no timers switch off
- if recording warn and ask for confirmation
- if timer set warn and ask if it should write to nvram and then switch off

Ideally how to behave could be chosen with settings.

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