Marko Mäkelä wrote:
However, you're right about breaking that feature: if PlayVideo() and
PlayAudio() start refusing data when Shutdown.IsUserInactive() holds,
the playback will never end, and VDR would probably wait
MinUserInactivity (3 hours by default) until shutdown.

While playback, the current patch waits beyond these 3 hours. (Without, too)

Could you please introduce a configuration option that would
allow the Power key to initiate shutdown even while playing a recording
(provided that nothing else prevents a shutdown, of course)?

You can shut down while playback, you just have to confirm it. And if you don't confirm it, VDR will shut down 5 minutes after the playback ends.

(the current behavior is to ignore the power key while playback, and then shut down unexpectedly at end of playback)



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