I am currently using VDR with a Nexus-S FF card in an NTSC environment. For
a long time, I could never get the correct tv standard (NTSC) while trying
to watch television via VDRAdmin. I recently noticed that once I stream VDR
using VLC and its v4l interface, something in /dev/video0 gets set to NTSC,
because from then on, the video is correctly set to NTSC mode and I can
watch television via the VDRAdmin television interface.  Here is the VLC
command I'm using:

vlc -vvv v4l:/dev/video0:adev=/dev/dsp:audio=1:norm=ntsc:size=352x240 --sout

Notice how VLC is directly interacting with the video from /dev/video0 (this
method only works with FF cards).  Somehow, the v4l interface from VLC is
setting the tv standard properly for /dev/video0 and fixing VDRAdmin for
NTSC.  Anyone have an idea whats going on? The firmware is set to NTSC as
soon as the card tunes to a NTSC channel.  Why would /dev/video0 not be set
to NTSC until I stream it with VLC?

Best Regards.
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