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>         >  vdr: [7841] connect from <>, port
>         49972 - accepted
>         >  vdr: [7841] grabbing to JPEG 70 384 288
>         >
>         >  Can I hardcode the default resolution from within VDR or the
>         kernel driver?
>         >  Best Regards.
>         Does it work if you use the v4lctl method?
>         Are there any FTA NTSC transmissions on Astra 19.2°
>         or Eutelsat 13°? I'd like to do some tests...
>     I have not been able to test the v4lctl method since I do not have X
>     on the machine. Does v4lctl require xawtv?  I suppose I could try
>     and install X but I would rather not if possible.  Also, I'm not
>     sure about Astra or Eutelsat since my dish is in America.
> I just went ahead and installed X and xawtv.  It appears the "v4lctl" 
> method does work and the kernel option does not.  I wonder what the 
> difference is between the two.


The TV-out connectors in the dvb-ttpci board output automatically NTSC
if the stream is NTSC. They output automatically PAL when the stream is PAL.

When there is no stream (channel switch or the like), they output PAL by
default, or NTSC if the tv_standard kernel option is used to select that.

The output from /dev/video0 file is PAL all the time, unless it is
changed by the proper V4L ioctl, which is done by VLC and v4lctl.

Anssi Hannula

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