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Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently using VDR with a Nexus-S FF card in an NTSC environment.
> a long time, I could never get the correct tv standard (NTSC) while
> to watch television via VDRAdmin. I recently noticed that once I stream
> using VLC and its v4l interface, something in /dev/video0 gets set to
> because from then on, the video is correctly set to NTSC mode and I can
> watch television via the VDRAdmin television interface.

Basically there are two ways to select NTSC mode:
- v4lctl setnorm NTSC
- module parameter 'tv_standard' for dvb-ttpci

modinfo dvb-ttpci:
parmtype:       tv_standard:int
parm:           tv_standard:TV standard: 0 PAL (default), 1 NTSC

Yes, I use the tv_standard option when modprobing the drivers as follows:

alias /dev/dvb/* /dev/dvb
alias char-major-212-* dvb-ttpci
options dvb-core dvb_shutdown_timeout=0
options dvb-ttpci tv_standard=1

But, this seems to make no difference when VDRAdmin tells VDR to "grab" the
picture.  Basically VDRAdmin uses VDR's SVDRP interface to "grab" a frame
and send it over http.  Prior to streaming VDR with VLC, VDR's grab still
gets the frames in PAL mode for some reason.  VLC's v4l module is doing
something in addition to switching the driver in NTSC mode with modprobe
options.  Also, this is only a problem with FF ttpci cards.

Best Regards.

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