Basically there are two ways to select NTSC mode:
- v4lctl setnorm NTSC
- module parameter 'tv_standard' for dvb-ttpci

modinfo dvb-ttpci:
parmtype:       tv_standard:int
parm:           tv_standard:TV standard: 0 PAL (default), 1 NTSC

When tv_standard=1 is used, why does VDR still startup with these PAL

vdr: [7841] starting plugin: screenshot
vdr: [7841] grabbing to PNM 100 768 576
vdr: [7841] grabbed image to /dev/null

And after I run VLC, I get these new resolutions:

vdr: [7841] connect from, port 49972 - accepted
vdr: [7841] grabbing to JPEG 70 384 288

Can I hardcode the default resolution from within VDR or the kernel driver?
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