Pasi Kärkkäinen schrieb:

>Just to make it absolutely clear and sum it up..
>Available outputs:
>576i: HDMI, Component (YUV), Svideo, Composite
>576p: HDMI, Component (YUV) both 576p/i, Svideo (576i), Composite (576i)
>720p: HDMI and Component (YUV)
>1080i: HDMI and Component (YUV)
>1080p: Not supported?
from my understanding of happened discussions:
1080p: HDMI supported, YUV Not supported (the decoderchip should be able 
to handle it , the Focus(? - Chip for analog output) can not handle it 
according to spec. *unofficially only from my understanding

>And for 576i/p you can have both component and composite at the same time,
>or then only svideo from the analog output?
>What kind of scaling is supported by the card? 
>Also, is MPEG1 decoding supported? I guess that's the easiest format to
>encode to if wanting to play videos encoded with non-supported codecs..
Easiest would be , if there would be a framebuffer you just could use 
for it, shouldn't it ?

>Next I was about to ask for OSD support, but I guess it was already answered
>on another mail.. so this card has OSD support? How many colors or other
>Thanks a lot! This card looks like really interesting..
Yes the same i think - looks like NG FF card ;) - so who is starting to 
buy one ? ;)

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