On 10/17/07 10:20, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi,
>> I tested this new VDR version for
>> some minutes and noticed that some subtitles were shown too late in
>> live tv watching. I didn't check how the timing of subtitles is done,
>> but it seemed that VDR missed one "sync-point" and after that all the
>> subtitles were shown one "sync-point" too late. Channel change seemed
>> to correct the situation for a while.
> I just confirm this behavior. Some subtitles were shown too late and too shot 
> in live tv watching.
> Playback same stream from recording looks correctly.
> Old dvbsubtitles patch+plugin (with my modification 
> http://dvbn.happysat.org/viewtopic.php?t=42136) works fayn on same channel.

Unfotunately that URL requires a login :-(

I'm currently trying to figure out why subtitles in live mode are totally
out of sync, while the same broadcast works fine when watched as a recording.
So far I haven't found the reason, yet...


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