Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Maybe it actually is about time for me to build a new VDR.
> I'll probably take a look at the Reel Extension HD PCI.
> But that means I'll also need a new motherboard with at least
> five PCI slots (for 3 DVB-S cards, 1 DVB-T and the Extension HD).
> On my desktop PC I'm using a passively cooled Pentium M with 1.86GHz,
> which works really good, so maybe that's also a viable choice for
> a new VDR. I guess it goes without saying that modern motherboards
> have a gigabit Ethernet port and graphics on board.
> Does anybody have a recommendation for such a board?
Well, of the 643 modern mainboards for sale in Sweden (by modern I mean 
S775 and AM2), none combine five PCI slots with integrated graphics. Do 
you need a GPU if the Reel card works? Systems I build for friends and 
family run USB receivers nowadays, but that's a mess, I know. Personally 
I prefer to run VDR on my server in the attic (that runs a mail server 
among other things, so it's always on anyway) that's an old S754 board 
with six PCI slots. So speaking of wishlists, on my list is of course 
better support for multiple frontends.

One often overlooked part of a PC is the PSU. My desktop PC (Antec Aria, 
300W PSU) used 28W when switched off. When I replaced the stock PSU with 
a picoPSU it used 28W when up and running (idle, of course)! So I don't 
understand people who put so much effort in automatically switching 
their VDR's on and off. With properly dimensioned hardware that isn't 
necessary. And while I'm at it, the Core 2's that everybody seem to 
recommend are really good under heavy load, but when idle AMD's are a 
lot more energy efficient.

I sort of suspected that you were both co-owner and developer at 
Cadsoft. I work as a self-employed electronics engineer consultant, and 
I end up recommending Eagle to almost every customer I work for.

Keep up the good work, and continue to develop VDR in the direction that 
suits your own needs. I think that's the best way to keep the motivation 
up. But if that includes h.264, DVB-S2, teletext subs and multiple 
frontends, no one would be happier than me.


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