Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
The answer is very simple: I'm currently working on other things.

And as long as there isn't at least a (graphics) card that supports
decoding the "good old" MPEG2 in a quality that is at least as good
as that of the FF DVB cards, as well as decoding H.264/HDTV in *hardware*,
this whole area has next to no priority for me. I am not interested in
software decoding this stuff - I don't want to have an extra heater
in my living room ;-)


Hi Klaus. I'm a big fan of you, VDR and Eagle since many years. I always 
agree with your postings and read them with great interest, but this is 
the first time I have to disagree. My VDR livingroom client consumes 
30-35W from AC mains when running sw mpeg2 SD decode, deinterlace and 
scaling. Using Reinhards patches to play h.264 720p it increases to 
40-45W, while my LCD runs at about 125W. So using modern pc hardware, 
software decoding doesn't really create a heater in my opinion. I'm sure 
an old 450MHz K6 uses more than that.

My setup:
AMD BE-2300: €70
Abit AN-M2HD: €80
1GB no-name DDR2: €20
Mini-box picoPSU-80: €50
total: €220

btw Klaus: I'm an everyday Cadsoft Eagle user since five years and I 
still haven't had a single crash or even found a bug in it. Having used 
all the high-end E-CAD system there is I can say that this is unheard of 
in the industry. I guess you have something to do with that, or what is 
your position at Cadsoft?

/Magnus Hörlin

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