> If I were really the "dictator" as which you were "kind" enough to entitle
> me, I sure wouldn't have spent all the recent work in cleanly integratiting
> subtitle support into VDR. The original patch/plugin was way too complex
> for my taste.

Please, nothing personal :))) I really admired by the product and work
you have done. But it is very difficult to see it's future with such
development model.

> I don't want to work on a VDR where people can check in monster changes
> into a CVS or whatever, and the next time I sit down to do something,
> I first have to (meaning: am *forced* to) deal with what others have
> modified, so that I understand the source again. I rather take one
> topic at a time, look at whatever patches etc. are available, and
> consider how things really fit into the big picture. That can mean that
> the patch will be integrated just "as is", because it is the right
> solution, or it can mean that I come up with a solution of my own,
> that (I believe) fits better into the VDR structure.

You see, that what I'm talking about. If VDR is one-man-project or it
is targeted to community. It's your choice, you have all rights to
decide what approach is the best for your child.

>> Imagine if Linus Torvalds were the only man, who were decision maker
>> in kernel's development. I belive linux never become so popular
>> because of being always 2 steps backward of current community's needs.

> Don't compare me to Linus - I don't deserve that honor ;-)

Why not? :) And see how Linus become superstar, not just doing a good
product, but more by enlarging the audience interested in it's future

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