Hi Reinhard,

sound very good, but vdr as root do not :-(

do you think it is possible to use this or something else with an non
root user?

I think many use vdr with an special non root user, for example all
which use gentoo.

greetings mentox aka dominique

Reinhard Nissl schrieb:
> Hi,
> I was quite annoyed how I could operate my EPIA MII-6000E using a
> LIRC remote. It was almost not possible to navigate through the
> OSD in a fast way.
> The attached patch allows now to define timeouts and frequencies
> for example in Make.config, so there is no need to patch every
> VDR version. Furthermore, frequencies are now defined in unit 1/s
> instead of the unit ms (which defined the period), making values
> more intuitive.
> There's now an additional frequency which defines, how fast a
> user is allowed to press the same button repeatedly. The
> originally used REPEATDELAY allowed only 2.85 button presses per
> second.
> On slow and busy machines like my EPIA it happened often that
> several button presses were read by VDR in a single read, but
> only the first one got processed. The code now reads only a
> single button press from LIRC's socket, so button presses don't
> get lost (although presses of the same button will be skipped as
> the timeouts don't get reached).
> To make it less likely that button presses get processed in
> chunks a further define allows to decrease the thread's niceness
> which means to boost it's priority. This feature requires VDR to
> be run as root.
> This is my setup which follows some common settings found in
> mainboard bioses for keyboard repeat delay and frequency.
>> #vdr
>> LIRC_PUSHFREQ=64 # 1/s
> Bye.
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