Reinhard Nissl a écrit :
> Dominique Matz schrieb:
>> sound very good, but vdr as root do not :-(
>> do you think it is possible to use this or something else with an non
>> root user?
> Well, only the LIRC_PRIORITYBOOST option requires root privileges
> to work. If you don't have root privileges, you'll just get an
> error logged and the LIRC thread runs without any change in
> priority -- that's all. See man setpriority for details.

An option would be to lower priority of all threads except this one. I 
guess only relative priority within VDR is important.
You can also raise priority in your init scripts (nice=-N), before 
running VDR. This way every thread will have nice=0 priority, except the 
LIRC one, which will stay at nice=-N


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