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> I'm not sure about that. So, if the function identifies an AUD at the
> start of the payload then it could go on and scan the rest of the
> payload for an SPS? In other words we must scan after the AUD for
> Data[0] = 0x00
> Data[1] = 0x00
> Data[2] = 0x01
> Data[3] & 0x1F = 0x07
> and start parsing from Data[4]?
> How can we be sure that combination of bytes doesn't exist by chance
> in the picture payload anyway?

cVideoRepacker takes care that each field / frame is preceded by
an AUD. A SPS appears before slice start codes and is typically
found only in I frames.

The special coding (see annex B if I recall correctly) takes care
that video data doesn't emulate NAL start codes.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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