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> Anyway, does the decoder tell you the aspect ratio anywhere?
> The aspect ratio must be passed to get_frame(). When the frame
> has the correct aspect ratio set, xine-lib will take care to
> setup the video scaler to stretch for example the image to 136 %
> horizontally.

The coreavc patch for xine has this code in it: -

+        if(!img) {
+        img = this->stream->video_out->get_frame (this->stream->video_out,
+              this->bih->biWidth,
+              this->bih->biHeight,
+              this->ratio,
+              IMGFMT_YUY2,
+              field);
+        }

with      this->ratio = (double)this->bih->biWidth/(double)this->bih->biHeight;

This is all within xine's src/libw32dll/w32codec.c which is a
different area to which I was modifying before
(src/demuxers/demux_mpeg_pes.c) where the codec is initialised.

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