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>> Just a guess: maybe the above bih.biXPelsPerMeter and
>> bih.biYPelsPerMeter can be used to set the pixel aspect ratio
>> which will then in turn yield the frame aspect ratio when applied
>> to the coded frame size. So pixel aspect for the above sample
>> should yield:
>>        pa = 1.81818 * 1080 / 1440 = 1.363635
>> and most likely:
>>        bih.biXPelsPerMeter=13636
> I tried that, what would the bih.biYPelsPerMeter be in this instance?
> 10000?  Even then it doesn't seem to make any difference.

That's why I wrote "guess".

Anyway, does the decoder tell you the aspect ratio anywhere?

The aspect ratio must be passed to get_frame(). When the frame
has the correct aspect ratio set, xine-lib will take care to
setup the video scaler to stretch for example the image to 136 %

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