will be possibility to receive from driver the raw statistic, too ?


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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:22:58 +0400
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> Morfsta wrote:
> > Manu,
> > 
> > Firstly, thanks for all your work - it's appreciated.
> > 
> > Is the interface working properly for reading the signal strength, BER
> > and status?
> Currently, there is a small confusion. Most drivers in kernel, just 
> report some
> crap as signal strength, snr etc.
> For the STB0899, STM helped so much, alongwith i had some help from one
> of the Newtec guys, we were able to get the statistics in some proper form,
> currently a dBm/10 scale is used.
> Since this scale is different from the in kernel existing scale of 
> randomness
> to a standardized one, currently this change might look a bit nonsense 
> to you
> as it will report different signal statistics as reported by the API.
> There will be a need to add one more ioctl, where the user can request the
> driver to provide the statistics in a relative scale or an absolute 
> scale which
> can be used for measurements too.
> The result would be that and end application can display the statistics 
> like
> any other commercial STB, in a nice and beautiful way, while being quite
> accurate (depending on the driver) without any hacks or workarounds to be \
> done in the application
> (The statistics that you get is very much device specific and not device 
> independant
> and hence is not very easy for a user application to get proper 
> statistics as of now)
> With the change, all statistics related operations can be implemented 
> within the driver
> such that the user is presented with standard and uniform statistics 
> across multiple
> devices without the need to do device specific code as done by MythTV 
> etc, where it
> looks for specific device drivers (really ugly)
> > The rotor plugin doesnt return anything and I can't get anything out
> > of VDR-Femon.
> > 
> > Is it working OK with the TT 3200?
> The statistics is working with the STB0899, maybe i didn't follow what 
> exactly you are
> looking at. If you can detail a bit, it would be much more helpful. The 
> STB0899 supports
> TT S2 3200, KNC1 DVB-S2+, KNC1 DVB-S2, Pinnacle PCTV 450e and the 
> VP-1041 as of
> now and the same signal related stuff is applicable to all.
> > BTW I have a TT3200 on order so I can compare the difference between
> > the two cards soon.
> Currently, the STB0899 is _not_ calibrated for actual statistics. I have 
> requested
> Azurewave for some sample devices to be sent to STM for proper 
> calibration of the
> LUT's for the statistics. (Most probably, tomorrow or so STM will 
> receive the samples
> at Grenoble)


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