2008/3/10, Rolf Ahrenberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On Sun, 9 Mar 2008, Luca Olivetti wrote:
>  > I'm still using 1.0.4 (and, yes, from time to time I have osd problems
>  > with the dxr3), but a performance improvement could be actually a bad
>  > thing for the dxr3 (if it translates to more osd updates).
> Well, in this case the performance improvement means less work for the
>  osd provider as I've eliminated unnecessary osd accesses. Hence the
>  lower CPU load on the xineliboutput setup. I didn't mention about those
>  tweaks in HISTORY, but they should be included in version 1.1.5 and a
>  few more in the next release.

I tried skinsoppalusikka. It is a bit more stable, but not enough.
Channel surfing and menus seem to be generally more stable. Editing,
(putting marks and moving them), and most notably, jumping to a
certain position via the red button is still PITA with
skinsoppalusikka and DXR3. But the behaviour of the OSD is a bit
different when it starts being buggy; the "flickering" I get is
different and it doesn't hang as often as it used to. So you can feel
something has changed =). I still get more random crashes with
skinsoppalusikka, than with text2skin.

Also, skinsoppalusikka doesn't update the palette of channel logos, if
the OSD isn't closed in between channel changes (this is notable only
when channel surfing, but if you wait a while, let the OSD close
itself, and then change channel, the logo is shown in right colors).

Just for your information (it probably isn't worth the trouble to get
skinsoppalusikka working properly on DXR3, unless you have some ideas
what to try), and also for DXR3 users who are looking for a stable

 - Ville


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