2008/3/9, Sami Sundell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  I'm having some stability problems, though - every once in a while
>  changing the channel or doing some fast moves with OSD freezes the
>  screen. Don't know what the problem is, yet. Possibly related to this is
>  that the subtitles have gone missing a couple of times. I haven't been
>  able to pinpoint what exactly happens here, but my guess is it's got
>  something to do with DXR3 :P

What skin are you using? I've noticed that the only skins that are
usable (i.e. stable enough to use them) are those of text2skin plugin
- more specifically, I use enElchi. Some other were stable, too.
Anything else (including skinsoppalusikka, which is identical in
appearance to enElchi but standalone) and I just can't use my VDR
without losing my nerves.

I still get OSD freezes, but only very rarely (i.e. maybe once in
every 12 hours of active use; i.e. watching recordings and such).

  - Ville


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