On 08.12.2008 10:49, Holger Rusch wrote:
> Hi,
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb:
>>> FF seems to have understandably gone the way of the dinosaur.
>> But the dinosaur is still the best choice to get the best picture
>> quality on a PAL CRT TV !
> But for anybody who wants to use a beamer these FF-cards are full pain 
> with there stupid outputs. I (and many others) want DVI/HDMI/Display-Port.
> FF will die in a years or two (months?) i guess and vdr has no well 
> integrated outputs.

Is there anything in the VDR plugin API that would prevent a plugin
from implementing a suitable output device?

> Struggling with xineouput or xineplugin or softdevice is a real pain. 
> Same for direct AC3 output on SPDIF.
> Some other question:
> Is there any movement to files >2GB for the recordings?

I will most likely change this when going to TS recording format.
In doing so, I'd like to get rid of splitting recordings into separate
files altogether. However, I think there might be people who still
want this feature - any comments?

I won't go for full 64 bit file sizes, though, because I'd like
the index records to still fit into 8 byte. Using 6 byte for the
file index would result in 256 TB for a single recording (or 128 TB
if we avoid 'unsigned'), which I guess should be large enough ;-)


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