Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> vdr in a massive client server configuration is a giant hack with many
> pieces each with its own little problems summing up.

Not giant system, but some experiences: I have one server running three 
instances of vdr. Vdr #2 and #3 are connected by streamdev to vdr #1 
that owns dvb hardware. Timersync plugin syncronizes timers to vdr #1. 
Three client PCs run just vdr-sxfe as explained in xinelibout's README file.

- Easy to maintain

- Recordings are only loosely synchronized trough a script that touches 
.update file when recording is started.
- Deletion synchronization is not solved.
- Channels are synchronized loosely by cron job only every night when 
clients #2 and #3 can be killed "safely"
- The biggest annoyance: Possible to pause live TV only in vdr #1

I would be really happy to see improvement in vdr client-server 
architecture. AFAIK Mythtv does this nicely. I just have been too lazy 
to set up a totally new system while the current one is actively used.


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