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> > yes, intelligent timer migration between vdr instances is a not
> > trivial task. when a timer is to be fired, you have to ask all vdr
> > instances its timer list and move the timer to the most suitable
> > instance. taking into account recordings on the same transponder to
> > not waste dvb devices. the same gues for finding a free dvb device
> > for life-view.
> You're no longer talking about client-server here. What you have in
> mind is peer-to-peer. Streamdev et al. haven't been designed for
> this. I never looked at videgor, but AFAIK it was a peer-to-peer
> aproach.

exactly what i was talking about. at the moment a multi vdr setup is a
peer to peer setup and thus makes timer migration complex. or you do it
by hand with the help of remote timers plugin and the like. but this
lacks the DVB sharing across vdr instances.


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