Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Well, tell that to people writing plugins for such output devices.
> I don't see where *I* would be involved there?!
Are there enough interfaces to be able to read the and control the OSD 
for including them seamlessly it into a different front-end? I don´t 
think that SVDRP and interpreting the returned data is the best way to 
go. And what about the limitation on one OSD per VDR?
I think, these are the real limitations - currently users of media 
center UIs are exiting them and start xinelib for using VDR and visa verse.
A better separation of "back-end" and "front-end" could IMHO solve the 
problem and end the discussion about hardware related support. Because 
with a clean and some kind of more standardized interface (which also 
transmits OSD related information), you could write every "output device 
connector/plug-in" that you can think and be compatible to more 
front-ends or devices then before. Even an "evil" Windows front-end with 
VDR running on Windows (with the help of something like colinux or a VM) 
would be possible.
Currently, xinelib (with original OSD) uses a different protocol than 
the VOMP plug-in does (own UI). Then, there is the ffnetdev plug-in 
(with OSD tranfered with some kind of VNC IIRC) which also works 
different from the streamdev approach (without OSD) that is used for 
hardware streaming clients that use oxyl etc.

Unfortunately, I am just a user, not a developer though I am at least 
able to read and modify simple C and script code ;) - it has been a long 
time since I was student and was able/had the time to code little 

With kind regards

Joerg Knitter

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