On Fr, Dez 12, 2008 at 09:06:02 -0800, VDR User wrote:
> I can say I've seen many people move away from VDR because it doesn't
> provide a good solution to this.  After years of using standalone VDR
> boxes, I too would love if we had the option to use a networked VDR
> with each client being exactly as you described...  Diskless, and only
> with ethernet cable + IR sensor, and each with an own OSD to control
> his VDR thread.

This would add more complexity to vdr and make it unstable.
BTW. VDR is a video disk recorder not a media center??
I don't know an other multimedia project like vdr wich works
stable like vdr. 

Maybe those people who wants such a networking capable vdr should fork it and
implement the needed features?

Please stop writing 
Many people move away from vdr etc.
if they have a working solution it is ok.
In this case there is an alternative to vdr and Klaus doesn't 
need to implement such features.
Just my two cents.

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