Matthias Schwarzott schrieb:
> I thought bind mount does work on even older kernels, still shouldn't 
> a symlink work too?
Need to re-check - guess i mix something here. Some bind mount features 
only start working properly at 2.6.26+ (bind mount ro, move etc). Bind 
mounting readonly some directory makes full disk read only, but thats 
not required anyway here.
> So I did setup lvm on my harddisks and made my video partition a 
> logical-volume that can span as many harddisk as I let join the volume group.
> Still some time ago I had a setup using vdr's own support for multiple disks 
> as you use it.
On LVM how does one know which disk will be used ? thats the main 
advantage - that all "handling data" is on slow, low power, silent, cool 
harddisk, real data gets on the big ones.
> So I suggest you mount your disks somewhere else 
> (like /mnt/large1 /mnt/large2) and then do bind mounts or symlinks 
> from /var/lib
> # mount /dev/disk1 /mnt/large1
> # mount /dev/disk2 /mnt/large2
> # mkdir /mnt/large1/video
> # mkdir /mnt/large1/video
> # mount --bind /mnt/large1/video /var/lib/video.01
> # mount --bind /mnt/large2/video /var/lib/video.02
Will test that

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