> Quoting Peter Dittmann <peter.dittm...@pldsnet.com>:
> > E.g. ctvdr/debian uses (I think ...) /var/vdr/videoX directly to mount 
> > partition.
> The directories are named /var/lib/video.XX and this are not necessary 
> partitions, but could be of course.
> > Strange as it finally uses symlinks to create the /videoX. So change 
> > be very small indeed.
> I can't see any evidence for this symlinks, and I don't know a reason 
> for this.
> The vdr gets told via the option '-v /var/lib/video.00' where the 
> video dir is located.

But you see what I'm pointing to.
The distries are usually mounting the partition directly and then use the 
xxx/video[.]xx directly.

Using the previous suggestion would mean the path tree of most of the 
distributions need to be somewhat different.
E.g. like this:

          |- video.00
          |     |- video
          |     |- somthing-else
          |- video.01
                |- video
                |- somthing-else-2

So better suggestion for the distri maintainers would be to use the \mnt 
tree for mounting any partitions.
Then always create a (dummy) directory on the video partitions ("video" or 
Then linking this mounted directories as /var/liv/video.xx.

/mnt/video.00 --> /mnt/[h|s]d[a-z][0-9]
/mnt/video.01 --> /mnt/[h|s]d[a-z][0-9]

      |- video.00 --> /mnt/video.00/video
      |- video.01 --> /mnt/video.01/video

Quite a difference to what is now.
Hopefulls the distri maintainers read this and make some sensible changes 
to the standard path tree to make VDR's video directories collision free 
with temp directories for burn ...

Obviously the distries are not based on usual use configurations currently 
for how to handle the huge temp files for some of the tools for burning.
This make life more complex and will cause a lot of individual effort to 
modify the installation after the distribution is installed. 
You can individually do a lot. It's just a matter of knowledge and ideas.
But as I assume that currently 80..90% of VDR users are starting from a 
distri rather than LFS this is a field issue.
And obviously the safe mounting suggestion for a single disc system wasn't 
that obvious.
So there is room for improvement ;-)


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