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> On a side note I just want to say that I see some posts here about
> peoples expectations..  "I want to record X, and Y, while playing Z
> with no dropped frames, etc etc".  I hope you guys understand that
> things like that are not only related to software.  Your hardware is a
> factor and if your hardware can't do it then it can't do it and
> doesn't automatically mean there's a problem with your software.  Your
> signal matters too.

I can't speak for the other participants of this thread, but I consider
myself an 'old hand' of vdr having started fiddling with this great
piece of software since version 1.0 (2002) and I am used to what for
users of a full featured dvb-s card is normal: rock solid stability,
excellent video quality, no dropped frames whatsoever, up to the
bandwidth limit of the card (about 20Mbit/s), great zapping time, time
shifting as the norm, multiple card installations without conflicts and
so on.

The only thing the FF card won't do is play/replay HD content and while
this is still not so important at the moment (at least in Italy) since
we're used to such a great level of quality it will be hard to obtain
the same results with a new generation solution.

The need for time in such a discovery process, at least on my part, is
fully understood, I only wish that sometimes the guys from Reel would
provide a little more documentation (in english) about how they do some
things in the avantgarde, but this is probably what is actually giving
the avantgarde the edge over a normal vdr install, so I won't complain.




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