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> wrote:
> > It would mean that no judder and studder on HD-quality. With VDPAU
> > the problem still might be "50Hz vs 50.02Hz" -thing so you cannot get
> > frame accurate display. With every 5 seconds you might have duplicated
> > display of frame or dropped frame. This is not acceptable by my
> I fully agree. The *only* way to overcome this is by synchronizing VGA
> video timing to DVB-stream clock.
> I realized this for some ATI-Radeon and Intel-GMA hardware. Even the
> brandnew Intel D945GSEJT now is fully supported with VGA/SCART/DVI/HDMI
> output.

Could you test your boards with HD-material, for example some movie
trailers? Could you please share your results, what resolutions are
possible to play and how much the system usage is doing so?

I found the following on VDR-Portal. Your mpstat results for playing SD
material [2] and x.264 encoded material [3] from [8]. [4] has a row
»HDTV Video Wiedergabe« which says non-fluent playback. [5] claims to be
playing 1080p HD material on an ASUS EeePC 901. Specifications for the
GMA 950 from Intel state »HDTV 480i/p, 576i/p, 720i/p and 1080i/p
display resolution support« [7]. [6] says something similar.

So is the following summary correct? The hardware is capable to play
certain HDTV resolutions, but the xf86-video-intel driver does not
support it yet.




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