> From: Lars Bläser
> On 11.10.2010 21:22, Vesa wrote:
> >Only issue
> > is still that somehow VDR is not compatible with eHD on replay mode.
> > With
> > live tv DVB subtile timing is correct. During replay subtitles still
> > comes
> > 6-7s too early here in Finland.
> >
> the developer of the eHD (http://www.baycom.de ?) and rmm will only
> provide doku and help but will not write a 2nd reelbox plugin for vdr
> 1.7.x (at least rmm said so) and it does not look like they will drop
> there own vdr tree, they would have to do a lot of coding to get things
> in the state they have now and would always have to struggle to get
> features as they need it for there purpose (netclient, netceiver, ...)
> in the rmm forum they also said that there are no plans of switching
> completely to ts (mpeg2 is still pes and hdtv/h.264 is done as ts)
> looks like you will have to wait or start coding

I have wait and look working output solution for VDR now several years and
end result seems to be that there is no solution. Not now or in near future.

Analog FF card is history, no DVI/HDMI or HD option for that.

Reelbox eHD looked promising, but there is no real SW support for this.

VDPAU with Xine looks promising, but it is still unstable. Yep, I know that
issue is mostly on Nvidia driver side.

VDR itself is great solution for recording, but watching live tv or records
is not supported on great level.

I think that I start looking other solutions.

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