On 11.10.2010 21:22, Vesa wrote:
> eHD card has now days working plugin for vdr, more info about that here:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=98019
> eHD is stable with latest card firmwares, also for ts playback. Only issue
> is still that somehow VDR is not compatible with eHD on replay mode. With
> live tv DVB subtile timing is correct. During replay subtitles still comes
> 6-7s too early here in Finland.
> Last real discussion about this bug is from Sat Sep 5 15:09:30 CEST 2009.
> And still no any real solutions. 

problem is that rmm develops for there own vdr tree based on vdr 1.4.7 -
don't know how good dvb subs work on there own solution (AVG)

it always was a crude patch that just made the reelbox plugin somehow
work with vdr 1.7.x, reason is that TS is differently implemented on
rmm's vdr and a proper TS capable reelbox plugin patch was started some
time ago but paused because the coder does not have time at the moment
(even still picture does not work as reliable as with the old patch and
ff/rew is also no good - it never was also with the old patch, lots to do)

the developer of the eHD (http://www.baycom.de ?) and rmm will only
provide doku and help but will not write a 2nd reelbox plugin for vdr
1.7.x (at least rmm said so) and it does not look like they will drop
there own vdr tree, they would have to do a lot of coding to get things
in the state they have now and would always have to struggle to get
features as they need it for there purpose (netclient, netceiver, ...)
in the rmm forum they also said that there are no plans of switching
completely to ts (mpeg2 is still pes and hdtv/h.264 is done as ts)

looks like you will have to wait or start coding

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