I'm looking for help with my vdr 1.6 system.

I think the problem only affects BSkyB channels Channel4, More4,
E4 and Film4: those channels a/v are out of sync (sometimes
more, sometimes less).  Recordings from those channels are also

I think that at some point, I didn't have this a/v sync issue,
but I could be wrong.

My vdr uses vdr-xine with a new xine-lib 1.2 (for vdpau) as
output device.

Due to the unstable nature of some of the components, I've tried
exchanging parts of my output chain to their stable
counterparts: xine-lib 1.1.17, ffmpeg-0.5, xine-ui-0.99.5.

Also, I've tried deactivating "Dynamic Ticks" in the kernel.

None of those measures have helped.

Can anyone here point me to where the a/v sync issue is most
likely to originate from?

Can it be vdr itself?  Does vdr process video separate from

>From what I've read so far, xine-lib delegates MPEG TS
processing to ffmpeg.

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