Still having my problems with the BSkyB Channel4 family
channels, I had a closer look at the PES streams, more
specifically the different PES streams' packet timestamps
relative to each other, in recordings using DVBSnoop.

It turned out that recordings of channels that xine can handle
all the time (like the BBC channels) typically have a shift of
100 - 200 ms between audio stream packets (0xC0 or 0xC1) and the
video stream packets (0xE0), whereas on the problematic channels
(Channel4, ...) the typical shift between audio and video stream
packets is between 400 - 800 ms.

Moreover, the shift between the less frequent stream 0xBD
packets and the video stream (0xE0) packets for the BBC channels
is minimal (around 100 ms) and for the problematic Channel4
family channels up to 1580 ms.  Neither of those channels seem
to feature a non-MP2 audio channel, therefore I presume that the
0xBD stream is for subpictures and should not be relevant in
this issue.

>From this analysis I have a few more questions regarding xine:

Is there a boundary (say 500 ms) after which xine cannot deal
handle audio/video shifts in a PES anymore?

If so, can xine be configured to handle bigger shifts (different
buffer settings)?

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