2010/3/12 Günter Merz <lotan...@hotmail.com>:
> For me the frontend doesn't seem to make a difference:
> - vdr-xine/xine-ui
> - vdr-xine/gxine
> - xineliboutput
> show the same behaviour.
> Can I ask which xine-lib version is behind your xineliboutput?

You may :) I use the regular xine-lib version from the VDR Team PPA
(1.2.0+hg+vdpau+r285+crop+v11-1tvt6). The only thing I compiled by
hand (using the vdr pre-patched sources from the VDR Team PPA), is the
xineliboutput plugin. Since I wanted to use the latest CVS edition.

I only have an other issue now... But I'll reserve that for a new thread.


Niels Wagenaar

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